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Uniting Laptop Campers

This site was inspired by my days of laptop camping and the desire to share and explore laptop camping culture with others.


It’s amazing how many coffeehouses have come and gone in this same spot: Coffee Luvers, Patima’s Organic Coffee, Angelo’s Café…there may have been others. Ilana’s Coffee isn’t that different from the previous places. They offer the standard things you’d find at a coffeehouse.

Score: 27/50

  • Food: 3/5 – You’ll find baked goods from City Baking Co., sandwiches (deli, Vietnamese), salads, quiche and bagels. The combination Vietnamese sandwich ($4.25) was stuffed generously with thinly sliced chewy cold cuts, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, jalapeno, mayo and pate; the bread is nicely toasted so it’s crispy on the outside, soft on the inside - pretty decent.
  • Coffee: 2/5 – They have the usual espresso drinks plus bubble tea. The latte is weak with no foam art but it’s not bitter.
  • Plugs:  1/5 – Spotted one at the very back
  • Wi-fi: 4/5 – No password needed, insecure, free, unlimited, good speed
  • Ambiance: 2/5 – Not much ambiance, quiet place, clean, yellow walls, Asian plants for good luck, homey in a way
  • Noise: 4/5 – Softly playing music, hum of refrigerator, traffic, people are quiet
  • Parking: 2/5 – Hit or miss, can be challenging but if you’re lucky there are all day spaces around
  • Comfort: 4/5 – Chairs are padded, small tables, tables aren’t too close together
  • Bathroom: 3/5 – one unisex restroom
  • Art: 2/5 – no art

Tips: They have many grab and go bottled drinks. It’s a nice enough place but doesn’t offer anything too unique or special.

"Laptop Campers Unite!"

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